THE DEBUT: The Gourmet Corner opened in 2010.
At the time, Hanoi’s restaurant scene lacked the concept of small sized restaurants that offered a casual fine dining service with outstanding attention to detail.

What is the reason for the name The Gourmet Corner? The combination of two words conveys a straightforward ambition and clear message about our food, service and atmosphere. ‘Gourmet’ represents the vision of creating a place where connoisseurs of food and drink can gather and enjoy some of the best cuisine in town. ‘Corner’ conjures up a small cozy restaurant environment, with a crossroad of views over the Red River and Hoan Kiem Lake.

THE MENU: The Gourmet Corner arose from great aspirations and our ambition to set a new trend in Hanoi’s restaurant scene. Chefs create truly authentic Vietnamese food using the freshest, finest and highest quality of ingredients. The resulting menus combine tradition with innovation.

However, our ambitions do not stop at serving classic iconic Vietnamese cuisine. We go one-step further and create an exclusive selection of signature dishes inspired by our young and talented Head Chef.

Last but not least, recognizing that some international visitors may want a taste of home and Vietnamese diners may like to sample other foods, our menu features a number of the most popular international options. Thereby we create something for everyone.

THE SERVICE: The Gourmet Corner is located in La Siesta Diamond Hotel & Spa, part of one of Hanoi’s top boutique hotel groups. The team has been a leading trendsetter in Vietnam’s hospitality industry since the early 2000s. Being part of this hospitality group means The Gourmet Corner service team is one of the best in Hanoi, with the warmest and welcoming of attitudes and an emphasis on attention to detail – qualities which both the fine and casual dining scenes lacked in 2010.

For three consecutive years, The Gourmet Corner was ranked No1 on TripAdvisor (2011 to 2013), while eight years in row it has consistently featured in Hanoi’s top 10 best restaurants ever since its 2010 debut.